We are dedicated to creating a comfortable and safe working and living environment for every employee.

1) Our large cafeteria strictly adheres to hygiene regulations, with strict and comprehensive supervisory measures in place to ensure the cleanliness and safety of every dish. The clean and bright dining environment is equipped with professional dust and fly prevention facilities, creating a comfortable and elegant dining experience for employees.

2) We provide a diverse range of dining options to satisfy employees' different tastes. Employees can participate in the supervision and management of the food service, working together to safeguard the safety and health of every bite.

3) We value the living needs of employees and provide separate male and female restrooms, bathrooms, and water dispensers. All utensils and items are cleaned and organized, aiming to create a warm and comfortable living environment for employees.

4) We have well-appointed standardized guest rooms and unprecedented apartment-style logistics management, creating a "home away from home" for residential employees. Additionally, we have comprehensive logistical management systems in place, equipped with complete fire-fighting facilities, communication and lighting equipment, as well as part-time security and management personnel to handle various emergencies.

5)We care about the physical and mental well-being of every employee. We not only provide commonly used medicines and disinfecting materials, but also regularly distribute personal protective equipment to employees. We offer psychological counseling services, ensuring that employees receive full support and care during and beyond work hours.

6) We have established a simple sports field for employees and organize various sports and entertainment activities, allowing employees to enjoy fun and relieve stress amidst their busy work schedules. Our logistical support efforts have achieved remarkable results, gaining the love and trust of our employees. Here, every employee is our family member, and we will spare no effort to ensure that every family member experiences the warmth of home and the joy of work.

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