Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. Actively Promotes Party Building and Environmental Protection, Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility

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In recent times, Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. has included party building and environmental protection as important aspects of the company's work. Through the implementation of a series of measures, it actively promotes these two aspects and fully demonstrates the company's social responsibility.

In terms of party building, Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. actively supports and cooperates with the Party branch in carrying out various activities. By organizing party classes, publicizing party affairs, and holding themed party events, the company enhances employees' political awareness and improves the level of party conduct and integrity. At the same time, the company also carries out on-site education on deepening party conduct and integrity, and strengthens anti-corruption and anti-bribery education, combining theory with practice.

In terms of environmental protection, Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. adheres to the path of green and sustainable development. It innovates production technology, deepens reform, updates process equipment, and implements refined management. The company also consciously complies with environmental laws and regulations, as well as environmental policies, to ensure that its production activities meet national and regional environmental standards. Furthermore, the company advocates for all employees to participate in green actions. Through various propaganda and educational activities, it aims to raise environmental awareness, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, implement waste classification, and encourage all employees to participate in green actions.

The active pursuit of these initiatives fully reflects that Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. is a socially responsible company. Not only does it focus on business development, but it also actively fulfills its social responsibilities in its core work, contributing to society and the environment.

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