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The origins of Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. can be traced back to the year 1998, when it first emerged in the vibrant city of Weifang, a renowned hub for kite enthusiasts in the heart of the Shandong Peninsula. Our predecessor, Weicheng Building Materials Glass Factory, has since undergone multiple upgrades and transformations, emerging as a large-scale modern enterprise. Our operations encompass approximately 10,000 square meters, with a construction area spanning over 6,000 square meters. Within these premises, we house four standardized production workshops and a multitude of cutting-edge production lines, providing unwavering support for our specialized production of curtain wall prescribed hollow glass, tempered glass, energy-efficient doors and windows, and various other glass deep-processing products. Furthermore, we hold the utmost regard for the well-being of our employees, ensuring that they enjoy a comfortable living and dining environment. We have thoughtfully equipped our premises with cozy staff dormitories, exquisitely designed restaurants, and other high-quality amenities. This concerted effort creates a pleasant and nurturing work environment for each and every member of our team, along with the provision of significant welfare benefits.

As champions of glass deep processing, we have always adhered to a corporate philosophy that champions continuous innovation, sincere service, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we consistently strive to enhance the quality of our products and raise our technical prowess, in order to meet and exceed the needs of the curtain wall industry. Our dedication is firmly rooted in producing curtain wall products such as hollow glass, tempered glass, energy-efficient doors and windows, all of which align with China's foremost standards of excellence. These exceptional products have found widespread application in diverse regions throughout Shandong, gradually gaining recognition on the national and international stage.

Over the course of more than two decades, Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable growth, cementing its position as an esteemed and highly-regarded brand within the glass industry nationwide. We take great pride in our accomplishments, and remain unwavering in our commitment to serve as leaders and exemplars within our industry. We fervently strive to shape a brand image that commands respect and admiration across the glass industry nationwide. By embracing an unwavering pursuit of excellence, diligently surmounting challenges, and upholding the following commitments, Weifang Shenghui Glass Co., Ltd. seeks to maintain its pledge to provide unwavering quality:

1) We pledge to adhere to all governmental environmental regulations and other relevant mandates, whilst fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and safeguarding the quality of our living environment.

2) We wholeheartedly implement an environmental management system, avidly setting and regularly reviewing goals to foster consistent improvements in our environmental performance. By rigorously assessing our environmental impact, we persistently strive to fine-tune our work methodologies, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of our environmental management strategies.

3) We devote ourselves to achieving an exemplary standard of production that not only satisfies governmental and legal obligations, but also safeguards the social environment and contributes to sustainable development, ensuring that our work remains in harmony with the broader fabric of society.

Weifang Sheng Fai Glass Co. , Ltd.,Main Product COATED GLASS NON-SLIP GLASS TEMPERED GLASS INNER CHAMBER GLASS BATHROOM GLASS HOLLOW GLASS FISH TANK GLASS SHAPED GLASS And other business,Interested customers please contact us,Phone:+86 15054578277

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